Hawk Request Module

The hawk request module can be used to generate a Hawk header suitable for inclusion in a request to a web server that requires Hawk authentication.


1. Functions

1.1. new

Return a new header generator that can be called repeatedly to generate hawk headers to include in a request. get_header can be called on the returned table.

local hawk = require "hawk"

local hdrgen = hawk.new("myuser", "mykey", "web.host", 443)
myhdr = hdrgen:get_header("PUT", "/uri/path", "{}", "application/json")


  • id (string) - Hawk ID
  • key (string) - Hawk secret
  • host (string) - The hostname requests will be made to
  • port (number) - The port requests will be made on


  • hdrgen (table) - Header generator with callable get_header function

1.2. hdrgen:get_header

Return a string usable as a Hawk header in a request.


  • method (string) - HTTP request method
  • uri (string) - URI (path) for request
  • payload (string) - Body of request, or nil if no body
  • content-type (string) - Content type, or nil if no body


  • header (string) - Generated Hawk header

source code: hawk.lua

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