Mozilla Telemetry Decoder Module

1. Decoder Configuration Table

decoders_moz_ingest_telemetry = {
    -- String used to specify the schema location on disk. The path should
    -- contain one directory for each docType and the files in the directory
    -- must be named <docType>.<version>.schema.json. If the schema file is not
    -- found for a docType/version combination, the default schema is used to
    -- verify the document is a valid json object.
    -- e.g., main/main.4.schema.json
    schema_path = "/mnt/work/mozilla-pipeline-schemas/schemas/telemetry",

    -- Boolean used to determine whether to inject the raw message in addition to the decoded one.
    inject_raw = false, -- optional, if not specified the raw message is not injected

2. Functions

2.1. transform_message

Transform and inject the message using the provided stream reader.


  • hsr (hsr) - stream reader with the message to process


  • throws on error

2.2. decode

Decode and inject the message given as argument, using a module-internal stream reader.


  • msg (string) - Heka protobuf string to decode


  • throws on error

source code: telemetry.lua

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