IRC Module

1. Overview

The IRC module can be used from Lua to create a persistent background connection to an IRC server. The implementation lacks most features, and is intended primarily to provide an simple output mechanism for writing real-time operational data from a Lua sandbox to an IRC channel.

This package also contains an integration with the Heka alert module that can be used by plugins to dispatch alerts to an IRC channel.

2. Module

2.1. Example Usage

i = require "irc"
conn ="mynick", "server.hostname", 6697, "#mychannel")
conn:write_chan("Space... the final frontier.")

2.2. Functions

2.2.1. new

Create a new persistent background IRC connection. Note that only connections to SSL/TLS ports are supported.

conn ="mynick", "server.hostname", 6697, "#mychannel")


  • nick (string)
  • server (string)
  • port (integer)
  • channel (string)
  • channel key (string, optional)


  • ircconn (userdata) or an error is thrown

2.3. ircconn Methods

2.3.1. status

Return a table containing information about the connection.



  • None


  • status (table) A table containing information about the connection

2.3.2. write_chan

Write a message to the channel the connection is configured to use. This places the text into a queue in the module, and the module will only output one message to the channel per second.

conn:write_chan("Some text")


  • msg (string)


  • None

2.3.3. write_raw

Send a raw command to the IRC server.

conn:write_raw("PRIVMSG wesley :Take us out of orbit Mr Crusher.")


  • raw command (string)


  • None

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