Mozilla Telemetry Parquet Schema Documentation

Generates parquet schema documentation for each docType in the data stream.

1. Sample Configuration

filename = "moz_telemetry_parquet_schema.lua"
message_matcher = "Uuid < '\003' && Fields[docType] != NIL" -- slightly greater than a 1% sample
ticker_interval = 60
preserve_data = false

2. Sample Output


  1. msg.Type
    1. msg.Fields[docType]
      1. msg.Fields[sourceVersion]

The number in brackets is the number of occurrences of each dimension in the sample.

telemetry.duplicate [1415]
    first-shutdown [12]
        -no version- [12]
            message schema {
                required binary Logger (UTF8);
                required fixed_len_byte_array(16) Uuid;
                optional int32 Pid;
                optional int32 Severity;
                optional binary EnvVersion (UTF8);
                required binary Hostname (UTF8);
                required int64 Timestamp;
                optional binary Payload (UTF8);
                required binary Type (UTF8);
                required group Fields {
                    optional binary geoSubdivision1 (UTF8);
                    required binary appUpdateChannel (UTF8);
                    required binary documentId (UTF8);
                    required binary docType (UTF8);
                    required int64 duplicateDelta;
                    required binary geoCountry (UTF8);
                    required binary geoCity (UTF8);
                    required binary appVersion (UTF8);
                    required binary appBuildId (UTF8);
                    required binary appName (UTF8);

source code: moz_telemetry_parquet_schema.lua

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