Logfile output rolled by size

Outputs decoded data stream rolling the log file every time it reaches the roll_size. Current filename is incremented. If you need the usual logrotate behavior (old filenames are incremented and the last is purged), use logfile_rotate.lua instead.

1. Sample Configuration

filename        = "logfile_roll_by_size.lua"
message_matcher = "TRUE"
ticker_interval = 0
preserve_data   = true

--location where the payload is written
output_dir      = "/var/tmp"
roll_size       = 1024 * 1024 * 1024

-- Specify a module that will encode/convert the Heka message into its output representation.
encoder_module = "encoders.heka.framed_protobuf" -- default

source code: logfile_roll_by_size.lua

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