Mozilla Security SSHD Login Monitor

Match SSH login events and generate email alerts.

By default, alerts always go to default_email.

If user_email is specified in the configuration, alerts will also be sent to this address. User email should be a string containing a %s format specifier which is replaced with the username of the account which logged in.

The acceptable_message_drift parameter indicates an age in seconds. If a new event is received and the timestamp is older than current time - acceptable_message_drift, or newer than the current time + acceptable_message_drift, then instead of handling the alert normally the alert will be submitted to drift_email with an indication that events are being consumed with abnormal timestamp fields.

If drift_email is not set, excessively new or old messages will just be ignored.

This analysis plugin makes assumptions events will be received in a timely manner under normal circumstances.

1. Sample Configuration

filename = "moz_security_sshd_login_monitor.lua"
message_matcher = "Type ~= 'bastion.file.sshd'% && Fields[sshd_authmsg] == 'Accepted'"
ticker_interval = 0
process_message_inject_limit = 1

default_email = "" -- required
-- user_email = "" -- optional user specific email address
-- drift_email = "" -- optional drift message notification
-- acceptable_message_drift = 600 -- optional, defaults to 600 seconds if not specified

source code: moz_security_sshd_login_monitor.lua

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