Heka Message Schema Display

Generates documentation for each unique message in a data stream. The output is a hierarchy of Logger, Type, EnvVersion, and a list of associated message field attributes including their counts (number in the brackets). This plugin is meant for data discovery/exploration and should not be left running on a production system.

1. Sample Configuration

filename = "heka_message_schema.lua"
ticker_interval = 60
preserve_data = false
message_matcher = "TRUE"

2. Sample Output

Logger -> Type -> EnvVersion -> Field Attributes.
The number in brackets is the number of occurrences of each logger/type/attribute.

fx [14482]
    executive_summary [14482]
         -no version- [14482]
            other (integer - optional [14407])
            app (string)
            vendor (string)

source code: heka_message_schema.lua

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