Kinesis Producer Output

1. Sample Configuration

filename            = "kinesis_single.lua"
message_matcher     = "TRUE"
ticker_interval     = 0 -- set >0 to timeout/send any packed messages

streamName              = "foobar"
-- partitionField       = "Uuid"
-- credentialProvider   = "INSTANCE"
-- clientConfig         = nil
-- roleArn              = nil

-- Due to the way Kinesis is billed it makes senses to pack multiple items
-- into a single message to reduce the PUT Payload Unit charges. Packing by
-- partition can be done but not without the potential for some data loss under
-- error conditions (the feature was cut but a reference implementation is
-- available on request).
pack_percentage = 0 -- fill percentage of the put request (0 (no packing) - 100).
         -- The record won't be sent unless the current PUT Payload unit is this
         -- percentage full or the record has reached its maximum size or the
         -- timeout is triggered.
pack_delimiter = nil    -- Used to add a record delimiter, if necessary

-- Specify a module that will encode/convert the Heka message into its output representation.
encoder_module = "encoders.heka.framed_protobuf" -- default

source code: kinesis.lua

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