Test Pilot Event-Based Installation Counts

The output of this notebook is used to fill in the installation counts from testpilot.firefox.com. The way we calculate these counts is:

* Count all the enable and disable events since the switchover to
  event-based pings
* Add all the enable and the disable to our baseline numbers (the
  approximate number of installations we had before moving to event-based
* Output these numbers to a publicly-accessible json file (available at
  -- note we output the results to latest.json as well as <timestamp>.json

Please note these numbers are calculated for the sole purpose of giving an approximation to end-users and should absolutely not be used for decision-making.

See the original notebook: http://nbviewer.jupyter.org/urls/s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/telemetry-public-analysis-2/txp_install_counts/data/TxP%20Event-based%20Install%20Counts.ipynb

1. Sample Configuration

filename        = "moz_testpilot_installation.lua"
message_matcher = "Type == 'telemetry' && Fields[docType] == 'testpilot' && Fields[appName] == 'Firefox'"
preserve_data   = true
ticker_interval = 60

2. Sample Output

    "@testpilot-addon": 216983, 
    "@foo-bar": 0, 
    "jid1-NeEaf3sAHdKHPA@jetpack": 170445, 
    "blok@mozilla.org": 51219, 
    "@min-vid": 93738, 
    "@activity-streams": 107032, 
    "@x16": 8, 
    "tabcentertest1@mozilla.com": 72869, 
    "universal-search@mozilla.com": 131783,
    "wayback_machine@mozilla.org": 49099

source code: moz_testpilot_installation.lua

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