GCP Pub/Sub Module

1. Overview

Lua wrapper for the GCP gRPC Pub/Sub APIs. The synchronous APIs are included for test purposes, unless the traffic volume is tiny you would not want to use them in production.

2. Module

2.1. Example Usage

require "gcp.pubsub"

2.2. Functions

2.2.1. subscriber

Creates a GCP pub/sub subscriber.

local sub = gcp.pubsub.subscriber(channel, topic, subscription_name, max_async_requests)


  • channel (string) e.g. "pubsub.googleapis.com"
  • topic (string) e.g. "projects/MyProject/topics/MyTopic" -- used to validate the subscription topic or create the subscription if necessary
  • subscription_name (string) e.g. "MySubscription"
  • max_async_requests (integer) Defaults to 20 (0 synchronous only)


  • subscriber (userdata) or an error is thrown

2.2.2. publisher

Creates a GCP pub/sub publisher.

local publisher = gcp.pubsub.publisher(channel, topic, max_async_requests)


  • channel (string) e.g. "pubsub.googleapis.com"
  • topic (string) e.g. "projects/MyProject/topics/MyTopic"
  • max_async_requests (integer) Defaults to 20 (0 synchronous only)
  • batch_size (integer) Defaults to 1000


  • publisher (userdata) or an error is thrown

2.3. subscriber Methods

2.3.1. pull/pull_sync

Reads a set of messages from the pub/sub topic.

local msgs, cnt = subscriber:pull(batch_size)


  • batch_size (integer) Number of items in a single request (1-1000)


  • msgs (array/nil) One or more messages (can throw on error) The array contains an array for each message, column one is the data payload and column two is nil or the attribute table msgs = { {data, attribute_table}, ...}
  • cnt (string/nil) Number of messsages returned

2.3.2. ack

Send the ack for the last set of messages received (always invoked by pull*).



  • none


  • none

2.4. publisher Methods

2.4.1. publish/publish_sync

Writes a message to the pub/sub topic.

local ret = publisher:publish(sequence_id, msg, attributes)
local ret = publisher:publish_sync(msg, attributes)


  • sequence_id Used with publish() only
    • lua_sandbox (lightuserdata) Opaque pointer for checkpointing
    • Lua 5.1 (number) range: zero to UINTPTR_MAX
  • msg (string/(userdata/nil lua_sandbox only)) Message to send
    • nil uses msg.Payload as the msg and coverts everything else to string attributes (headers overwrite fields if there is a naming conflict)
  • attributes (nil/table) Lua 5.1 only, map of string = tostring(val)


  • status_code (integer) or throws an error
    • sent (0)
    • retry (-3)
    • batched (-4)
    • async (-5)
  • err (nil/string) error message

2.4.2. flush

Flushes the batched messages over the network.


Arguments none


  • none or throws an error

2.4.3. poll

Polls the CompletionQueue to process the asynchronous publish responses. This should be called after every send.



  • none


  • Lua 5.1
    • sequence_id (number/nil) - Sequence number of the last message processed
    • failures (number) - number of batches that failed
  • lua_sandbox
    • none - the checkpoint and error counts are automatically updated

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