Heka JSON Message Fields Decoder Module


The above link describes the Heka message format with a JSON schema. The JSON will be decoded and passed as the msg.Fields table see: https://mozilla-services.github.io/lua_sandbox/heka/message.html

1. Decoder Configuration Table

  • none

2. Functions

2.1. decode

Decode and inject the resulting message


  • data (string) - JSON message with a Heka message Fields schema
  • default_headers (optional table) - Heka message table containing the default header values to use, if they are not populated by the decoder. If 'Fields' is specified it should be in the hashed based format see: http://mozilla-services.github.io/lua_sandbox/heka/message.html


  • nil - throws an error on an invalid data type, JSON parse error, inject_message failure etc.

source code: json_heka_fields.lua

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