Mozilla Telemetry Data S3 Input Sandbox Bootstrapper

This sandbox:

  1. retrieves a list of files from S3 matching the dimension specification in dimension_file
  2. divides the list among the specified number of partitions
  3. generates the cfgs to dynamically start a new reader for each partition; the specified input_plugin should already be installed in run/input
  4. exits when the bootstrapping is complete

1. Sample Configuration

filename            = "moz_telemetry_s3_bootstrap.lua"
instruction_limit   = 0
ticker_interval     = 0

input_plugin        = "telemetry_s3_snappy.lua"
input_plugin_cfgs   = {} -- table of sandbox specific config options
tmp_dir             = "/mnt/work/tmp"
s3_bucket           = "net-mozaws-prod-us-west-2-pipeline-data"
s3_prefix           = "telemetry-2"
dimension_file      = "dimensions.json"
partitions          = 8

source code: moz_telemetry_s3_bootstrap.lua

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