Configuring Firefox and Merino Environments

As of Firefox 93.0, Merino is not enabled by default. To enable it, set the Firefox preference browser.urlbar.merino.enabled to true. By default Merino will connect to the production environments. This is controlled with the browser.urlbar.merino.endpointURL preference. See below for other options.

You can also query any of the endpoint URLs below with something like

curl ' query'



Endpoint URL:

The primary environment for end users. Firefox is configured to use this by default. As of 2021-10-25, this server is not active yet.

This environment only deploys manually as a result of operations triggering deploys.


Endpoint URL:

This environment is used for manual and load testing of the server. It is not guaranteed to be stable or available. It is used as a part of the deploy process to verify new releases before they got to production.

This environment automatically deploys new tags on the Merino repository.


Endpoint URL:

This environment is unstable and is not guaranteed to work. It's primary use is as a development area for operations.

This environment automatically deploys the latest commit to the main branch of the repository.