Development Dependencies

Merino uses a Redis-based caching system, and so requires a Redis instance to connect to.

To make things simple, Redis (and any future service dependencies) can be started with Docker Compose, using the docker-compose.yaml file in the dev/ directory. Notably, this does not run any Merino components that have source code in this repository.

$ cd dev
$ docker-compose up

This Dockerized set up is optional. Feel free to run the dependent services by any other means as well.

Dev Helpers

The docker-compose setup also includes some services that can help during development.

  • Redis Commander, http://localhost:8081 - Explore the Redis database started above.
  • Statsd Logger - Receives statsd metrics emitted by Merino (and any thing else on your system using statsd). Available through docker-compose logs. For example with docker-compose logs -f statsd-logger.
  • Kinto - Runs a local Remote Settings service that is used by "merino-adm".
  • Kinto-attachments - Provides the attachment feature for the "Kinto" service.