Mozilla Push server and Push Endpoint utilizing Rust, Actix, and a key/value data store.

This is the fourth generation of Push server built in Mozilla Services, and is built to support the the W3C Push spec.

For how to read and respond to autopush error codes, see Errors.

For an overview of the Mozilla Push Service and where autopush fits in, see the Mozilla Push Service architecture diagram. This push service uses websockets to talk to Firefox, with a Push endpoint that implements the WebPush standard for its http API.

Autopush APIs

For developers writing mobile applications in Mozilla, or web developers using Push on the web with Firefox.

Running Autopush

If you just want to run autopush, for testing Push locally with Firefox, or to deploy autopush to a production environment for Firefox.

Developing Autopush

For developers wishing to work with the latest autopush source code, it's recommended that you first familiarize yourself with running Autopush before proceeding.

Source Code

All source code is available on github under autopush.

We are using rust for a number of optimizations and speed improvements. These efforts are ongoing and may be subject to change. Unfortunately, this also means that formal documentation is not yet available. You are, of course, welcome to review the code located in autopush-rs.




Bugs should be reported on the autopush github issue tracker.

autopush Endpoints

autopush is automatically deployed from master to a dev environment for testing, a stage environment for tagged releases, and the production environment used by Firefox/FirefoxOS.






autopush is offered under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.