Hindsight CLI

The command line interface version of Hindsight is designed for non-real-time use (testing and reporting). The usage is exactly the same as the hindsight executable but the behavior is different.

usage: hindsight_cli <cfg> <log_level>

1. Behavioral Changes Compared to Hindsight

  1. It will initiate a shutdown when all inputs plugins have finished
  2. It will not exit until all the data has been process by every plugin
  3. The ticker_interval is driven by the timestamp in the data (greatest time seen) as opposed to the actual clock time i.e. if an hour of data is processed in 45 seconds a 60 second ticker_interval would trigger the timer_event function 60 times.
  4. A second ctrl-c will abort the execution
  5. The return value will be non-zero if the execution failed. If the failure was due to plugin termination the return values will be or'ed together e.g., 6 indicates an input and analysis termination.
    • 1 system error
    • 2 input plugin termination
    • 4 analysis plugin termination
    • 8 output plugin termination

2. Integration Test Example

Mozilla Telemetry Integration Tests

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